You’ve seen it, you’ve done it, you’re doing it now; you’re not present. You’re there physically but you’re mind is connected to another stratosphere. You hear the tail end of the joke punctuated by laughter, look up and fake laugh or say what did I miss. Depending on how many times you’ve done this in the last hour or so, you may get the replay or just a lie of oh nothing. No one wants to be your personal DVR of the life you’re supposedly living. You don’t get to rewind what you didn’t experience. Be present.

Our time, our families and our friends are our most valuable commodities. Give them the richness of you. Unless you’re an a-hole, then you stay preoccupied by your device. Your people will appreciate it. Everyone else, go. Put your phone down and only pick it up to take a few pictures or videos that you will post later. For what’s the use of photos if you don’t have any memories to go with them.

Be present now, be present tomorrow and for as long as you can. What are you waiting for? Go!