Find your girl tribe
I know you are not a girl anymore. You are a woman or a young lady but you still need a girl tribe. Let me explain. As soon as you start some form of socializing, you begin to have acquaintances. Some of those acquaintances become friends and some of those friends become your girls.

A member of your girl tribe is someone who when you call, there are no hello’s and how you doing’s, the greeting is simply: girl. And just by the inflection or intonation of your voice when you say girl, a member of your tribe will know whether she needs to do one or more of the following:
1. Give her significant other the side eye as she goes to another room to talk and listen in peace
2. Close her office, bedroom or any other door for privacy
3. Begin praying
4. Pour a glass of wine or a caffeinated beverage
5. Get her shoes and keys
6. Check her account to see how much money she has for bail or more wine
7. Bring tissue, ice cream and/or liquor
8. Get madder than you
9. Talk you off the ledge aka the moment before you do something stupid like hook up with your ex, quit your job or throw out all your kids things because they are ungrateful
10. Insert just the right comedic response to break the tension

Women/girls who do those things are the type of girls you need in your girl tribe. If you have at least one, cherish her and don’t let her go. If you don’t, no worries. Real girl relationships take time to cultivate and you will know when it’s real. Your girl could end up being someone you met last month and the friend you’ve known since preschool may never become your girl. Only time will reveal if she’s an acquaintance, a friend or your girl.

Last but not least, who calls you her girl? If it’s no one, you may need to reevaluate some things. And if you don’t have females friends that can potentially be your girls, let me sip my wine and pray so I can be ready to share some things with you next time. Okay girl?