Guilty. I have the receipts. I have been a proponent of claiming karma will get you, me, and everybody. But why? Why have I assumed karma will get me like the boogeyman or Candyman? I mean life is already full of ups and downs. Why add karma to the mix if I believe in grace?

Maybe because imagining someone who has wronged me receiving karma for his or her deeds feels good to me. Lied and cheated, no worries cause karma gonna get you eventually. And we know karma doesn’t necessarily come the way it was dealt. So it’s easy to attribute any and all bad things to karma. Broken down vehicle? Karma for that time you didn’t give someone a ride because you were feeling lazy. Can’t keep a man? Karma for stealing Susie’s boyfriend in the fifth grade. Ugly kids? Karma cause you made fun of that disabled man.

Believing in karma keeps us from doing some of those same despicable things. Picturing the scenario where we finally have the winning numbers to Powerball only to have a bird come and swoop it out of our hands could keep us from tripping that bad kid in the grocery store. Because karma is ever waiting to repay us for our unkind deeds.

But truly most of us would be in terrible shape if karma really did us the way we think it should affect other people. I mean we don’t really ever think karma will get us. Just other people who wrong us.

So let’s believe in something better like grace. Because surely that is what has kept us. Grace, by my definition, says you don’t deserve a pot to piss in for your actions, but you will have more than you need. Grace says although you’ve been weekending it up with someone else’s man, the man of your dreams will still find you. I dare say grace blocks karma. And I am grateful for it.

It doesn’t mean I will go about the world reeking havoc amongst the masses because karma won’t get me. I will instead focus on being grateful for grace and not hoping karma will reign down on others’ heads as punishment. Because asking for karma to befall on someone seems like the same as wishing bad on the person times ten since that’s what we think and hope karma does.

I will choose to operate under grace because karma really is a beatch. And focusing on my own deeds will surely lead to good things for me in the end.

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