Save yourself

That’s right. I said save yourself. You are not a martyr nor should you desire to be one. You are magical but not a magician. You are a queen so delegate. Channel your black girl magic to save yourself for you are the only one that truly matters; the only one that is truly deserving of your sacrifices; the only one able to comprehend how dynamic you are and how much skill is involved in doing the most complex tasks while making it seem effortless flawless, and awe inspiring.

How you say? Like this: The next time you find yourself unwilling to say no to yet another project you are not passionate about or doesn’t pay you your worth, or you’re agreeing with someone telling you things about you that you know aren’t true, hear these quiet words welling up in within your soul: save yourself. And say it until you feel it. Say until your neck starts to roll. Say it until your hand involuntarily goes to your hip. Say it until your head rises in triumph and that Beyonce wind flows through your tresses. Say it until your cape rises and let your flapping cape remind you what it is made for: you to soar.

But you can’t soar holding anybody else’s baggage. Especially once you’ve rid yourself of your own, cue bag lady by Erykah. The only thing that should weigh you down is your crown as you admire your peace in the mirror daily. Yes it is visible. Yet the only one that matters and needs to see it and feel it is you.
So baby girl, grown ass woman, diva, darling, woman of God save your damn self. And in pure black girl magic, you will indeed save the world.