First, please believe I do have contention with the fact that Lot’s wife is only known as “Lot’s wife”.  I am sure she held her whole family down like women typically do and the writer of Genesis did not bother to find out her name? I mean, she was turned into a pillar that may have been standing for decades and nobody bothered to find out her name? Patriarchy strikes again. 
     Whether you are religious or not, you may have heard of the nameless wife of Lot who was turned into a pillar of salt for looking back from whence she came from: hell on Earth aka Sodom and Gomorrah. And this is not a bible commentary, but rather a life commentary for too often we too suffer from Lot’s Wife Syndrome.
     What is Lot’s Wife Syndrome? It is the act of looking back to our past endeavors too quickly and without an opportunity to reflect upon our experiences. For if you look back too soon, you can become paralyzed by what you have been through and contemplate too long about whether it was bad enough to warrant you to leave; hence you become a pillar of salt by thinking too long.
     Understand Lot’s Wife Syndrome does not refer only to male-female relationships, but it refers to any relationship that you leave by force or choice and continue to second guess your actions. Sodom and Gomorrah can be your job that you hated but become nostalgic about every-time one of your former coworkers posts any office birthday party pictures on Facebook. You don’t even like them, yet you’re putting heart emojis on all the pics, saying how much you wish you were there to celebrate. Boo, whaat? You don’t even eat homemade cake cause you know Sarah and ’em have fifty-eleven cats and two dogs. If you were there, you would have been in your cubicle talking about you’re on a fast while you try and stuff that Wendy’s bag in your trash can under your feigned indifference.
     The point is what you are leaving is receiving your back for a reason. You do yourself a disservice by even entertaining the thought of turning back (Lot’s wife had to be thinking about the good times she had prior to her turn). For as s(he) thinks in her/his heart, so is s(he) (Proverbs 23:7 AMPC). If you are dwelling on the five times things were good back there, you will ignore the 2500 times it was bad. And that ignorance is not bliss and will lead you to never move on to the greater things that are in store for you.
     Don’t be like Lot’s wife. Get yourself a name and move forward in your life and the only ones who should be salty are your haters.