Have you ever said things like, “Oh, it wasn’t too much trouble at all,” after spending countless hours working on a project for someone else or “It’s not a big deal,” after someone treats you badly and you’ve griped about it nonstop to everyone and then they give a half-ass apology?

Why do we do that? Why do we undervalue ourselves? Because we are afraid. We are afraid that we will intimidate others. We are afraid we won’t be liked if we seem too good, too great. So we often take a permanent marker to ourselves and put a discount price on who we are. We think we are telling the world that although I am worthy of this price, for you I will discount myself. We don’t expect people to take us at our full purchase price because it would be unfair. When we do that, we’ve unknowingly given permission to others to undermine our greatness.

Stop doing that. Keep your price high. You cannot afford to discount yourself. Value yourself no matter who the other person is or who the other people are. You are great without anyone else’s recognition. Look in your mirror and see the precious gem that is you. And if you can’t see how bright you shine yet, figure out what you need to do to get your glimmer back.

If you feel like you don’t shine because you haven’t finished school, make a plan and go back. If you think you’re dull because you don’t have a prestigious occupation, keep other people’s thoughts out of your head. They don’t belong there. The point is you are valuable, you are worth the full sticker price. The only one who needs convincing may be you.

Today, right now I want you to join my community of women and girls who are valuable. Let’s encourage each other. Let’s encourage ourselves. Let’s love ourselves! Set your value high and accept no lower offers. Let’s take this journey to self-love together.