Call it a precursor or an introductory post because I will not be long winded at this point. Some things have been occurring much longer than I have been on this Earth and a part of me has recognized it albeit unconsciously and subconsciously at times. Recently these things have screamed at me not from what the media says and shows but from what the folks that look like me say about black women and girls. The same black women and girls who have caped for, baked for, provided clothing for, and protection for black men and boys, deserving or not since eternity.
What I am is thoroughly sickened, dismayed and disgusted by the ways in which black men allow black women and girls to be devalued and put asunder by all of the world while they stand on the side cosigning. How dare they? What right do they have? Why don’t they stand for black girls like the one in the cover photo as she grows into her womanhood? What is stopping them? Why are they afraid to show loving kindness to those who put their best interest to the side to ride for them?
What we don’t have is time to ponder those questions. Why? Because myself and millions of other black women and girls are beginning and continuing to stand up for ourselves foremost and black men better hope we continue to stand for them too.