Self-love is a journey with peaks and valleys. Sometimes it will be a clear path with definite beginnings or ends, yet other times you may feel lost on the way to an unknown destiny. Regardless of where you are, understand that facing the unknown is a part of your becoming journey.

We often like to compare ourselves to caterpillars who go through a metamorphosis and become butterflies. Yet the analogy is flawed because women are capable of becoming more than one thing. We are mothers who become entrepreneurs, bloggers who become authors, career women who become stay-at-home moms, and mothers who become doctors.

Some of even say we are like a Phoenix and are re-birthed out of the ashes of who we used to be to become a better version of ourselves. There are times that we do that. But it’s not the best analogy either.

For, as women, we go through many processes and stages. We are always becoming. We are always growing. We are always elevating ourselves to reach the next goal, the next level, the next title. We often become a new us more than once in our lifetimes. And if we haven’t or don’t, it may be why we are disgruntled or unhappy with current situation in life. Basically, if you’re feeling miserable, it may be time to become something else.

I know It’s not easy becoming something new, but it’s worth it. You’re worth. Don’t be afraid of the change. It’s only happens to make you the best version of yourself. And you know what you are supposed to be becoming even if you’ve been too afraid to acknowledge it to yourself or anyone else.

Right now I want you to declare what you are becoming and become it. The world needs you to be that. Don’t worry about what others will think. Worry about remaining stagnant. Remember stagnant water attracts diseases, parasites and other nastiness. So can a stagnant life. We don’t want or need that for ourselves. What you do need and what the world needs is for you to be that writer, photographer, teacher, lawyer, professor, school bus driver, physical therapist, foster mother, mother, grandmother, caregiver, friend, or lover now. We can no longer afford for you to wait for that perfect time to become.

Becoming may be an event or it may be an endless journey. Whatever yours may be, I dare you to start becoming today. Because somebody is waiting for you to become and she lives in the mirror. Someone else is waiting too. She may be your daughter, your neighbor, your student, or your mother. Don’t let fear keep you from becoming what the world needs you to be. I know because I’m becoming too.

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