It’s always been us and never them

Us who fed, bathed, and clothed

Us who comforted by any means necessary

Literally using our bodies to bring about riches and gold

It’s always been us who said, “Baby, it’s okay.” Even when it wasn’t

Loved babies more than our own at times

Loved when love was denied to us

Bore the pains inflicted by others just as much without a, “Baby, it’s gonna be okay,” in return

Us who raised generations that walked away with shame in their eyes not understanding the depth of the deprived states our souls stayed in order to give them life and that more abundantly

Us gave till there was none left to give

But not anymore

Cause free ain’t never been free

And free is often discounted when it is given so effortlessly, so selflessly

As if it’s value is only equated in monetary terms

For if it was, they could never afford us



Us give to us freely first

For only we know and appreciate the sweat equity found in our love, our actions, our time

This time Anna Mae is eating the cake ‘cause she baked it and she chose to partake

“Y’all don’t worry your pretty little heads none,

What’s in the cake is in the crumbs too”

But this cake right here, this cake is for us