I’ve let myself be sucked in and it nearly cost me my sanity. We are humans, we are women, we are gifted with supernatural abilities, but we are not super heroes. We have to live for ourselves firstly. I don’t want my grave to say she gave her all until her very last breath. I want to it to say she lived life to the fullest and her joy and actions inspired many especially her children who realized that living your dreams while you can it is an obtainable and worthy goal.

We have to stop martyring ourselves because the ones you do it for won’t realize the brevity of your actions and sacrifices until it’s too late. And they probably don’t even deserve it. Oh I know babies are a precious commodity from up above, but they can also be selfish tyrants who will suck all your life out of you and still ask you take them to the store before school because they forget it’s their turn to bring snack.

It’s time for us mothers, acting mothers, aunties mothers to stop accepting martyrdom as our fate. It’s bad enough as women we become the everything to the men in our lives. Remember a house in not a home. It’s not about not needing men, but we need to make them responsible for adding to our life’s enjoyment at least as much as we add to theirs. Maybe if we do that, the collective levels of stress and pressure society puts on women will begin to rise off us into the atmosphere and fix the ozone layer or something. Guilt is a powerful tool used to shame us. But shame on me for allowing myself to feel like I need to slice my own wrist to give sustenance to any of my brood. Not because I don’t love them, or that I don’t think they love me. It’s because I have to love myself more or it could literally kill me.