Within the span of five months, I have faced my own mortality twice. The first occurred in my home as I experienced a stroke induced by a treatment I had undergone to combat the effects of an autoimmune disease I was diagnosed with in 2006. I must say, if I had to have a stroke, I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome or situation. I remained relatively calm. I had no paralysis. I have no long lasting effects. I was able to ask God for my life and He acquiesced.

Since the stroke, I have had to still work with my neurologist to handle the affects of this disease. It’s been a forward and backward endeavor. I have had I can conquer the world days and I can’t crawl out of the bed days. But the I can’t catch my breath and I’m winded from doing simple tasks days are what got me an extended stay in the hospital. (The second was less subtle. One day last week, I felt if I closed my eyes, they wouldn’t open again).

But why share this? I’m not exactly sure, but I am anyhow. Many people do not know I’m in the hospital at all. I’m not very fond of the hospital, IV look personally. Or the pray for me while looking like death’s sidekick selfies. I just want to go home. I just want to live my life as a healthy, productive member of humanity. I just want to do the things I know someone is waiting for me to do. That’s where you come in I guess or why I am sharing after all.

For more years than I dare recount, I have been putting off and waiting to do the things that bring me joy, the things that I’m good at, the things that can bring me income, the things that may have seemed outside of the box. But this year, more than ever, I’ve been working on those things and my health has tried to get in the way. But not always. Sometimes it’s just been me and procrastination. Nevertheless, I can’t afford to waste my time waiting for ideal circumstances to occur because they truly don’t exist.

So, I humbly ask you to stop waiting to do “the things” or the “it” too.  You know the “it” I’m speaking of. The “it” you’re good at. The “it” people rave about, but you down play because its second nature to you. The “it” of a relationship you’re to scare to go for, whether it’s romantic, work-related, or family-wise. The “it” of a move or finishing a degree. The “it’s” and “things” that we may regret putting off if we’re blessed to see our golden days.

Because I can’t afford to wait to do “it” anymore. And you can’t either. Be humble in your appreciation of the life you’ve been granted and get to “it” right now!!! More than likely, you already know what that means and what it requires. Stop being squimish and start.  You will thank yourself sooner than you think.

Thanks for reading and I appreciate any prayers for my well being you may send my way. More importantly, please share this piece on your social media pages and with anyone you feel needs to stop waiting to do “it” too!

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