Block, delete, unfriend, repeat…you name it (couldn’t resist) to protect your peace. And you do it again and again anytime anyone tries to violate your peace.

The violations seem innocuous at first. It may be a seemingly random text message from a guy you used to have a thing for. Or a phone call from a toxic friend that leaves you feeling down and distraught afterwards. It could even be a family member that posts things online that makes you cringe each time you scroll. Next thing you know, your peace is so far gone you can’t even pronounce it.

Don’t let it happen. Block, delete, unfriend, and repeat. Make that process a habit for the New Year. Don’t be afraid to do it.

Block people who bring you stress and distress through the phone or on social media. You do not owe them your time, energy or peace. Block them and don’t look back.

Delete toxic people from your phone contacts and online. You do not need them. This includes family, friends, and coworkers alike.

Unfriend people online and in real life as necessary. Friends lift you up and add value to your life. Evaluate your friendships online and offline. If they are bringing you down, unfriend them.

Stop believing you owe someone who destroys your peace without regret any of your time. Your time, energy, and peace are precious. And the person that needs to know it most is you. You cannot expect anyone else to respect your peace until you respect it yourself.

I challenge you to make a list and check it twice. Determine who qualifies to make it to 2017 with you. Then, start to block, delete, unfriend, and repeat until you feel at peace.